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The cornerstone of Artemisia Cycling is to build and maintain a thriving community of women cyclists ages 14 and older.  We firmly believe that creating a cycling program focused on women’s health, wellness, inclusivity, education, and fun will ultimately lead to a community of women that are empowered to make a difference in all their circles of influence.  Artemisia Cycling will be open to female cyclists of all abilities and will provide opportunities to regularly engage in physical activity as well as educational programs to promote wellness and encourage building a strong, diverse group of women cyclists.


What’s in a name…Artemisia is the genus name for the giant sagebrush of the west (Artemisia tridentata).  Often referred to as the icon of the west, sagebrush is the cornerstone of the high desert ecosystems in Utah.  This subtle, understated plant provides food, shelter, and stability to the desert environment.  Scientists have found that when sagebrush is destroyed by fires, wildlife and livestock suffer, water tables drop, topsoil becomes unstable and all other native species of plants fail to thrive.  These arid communities can only be restored to full health when sagebrush once again takes root.  Further, Artemisia tridentata serves as the guardian of desert communities, when it senses an environmental threat, it sends signals to all other plants to prepare for challenges.  The word root of Artemisia is Artemis the Greek Goddess of the hunt and guardian of wildlife.  There is much to be found in a name.  Artemisia tridentata serves as the symbol for Artemisia Women’s Cycling Club because it unites and heals the desert communities throughout much of Utah and as a community of women cyclists, we have that same power.


Our Co-Founders


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A healthy community begins with healthy individuals. Artemisia cycling is committed to helping club members care for their minds and bodies. 



All women, no matter what their cycling background are welcome and encouraged to join Artemisia Cycling. A health community thrives when individuals from all backgrounds are involved. 

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Knowledge empowers women to become the best version of themselves. Artemisia Cycling is committed to providing education opportunities to all members.

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Riding bikes on dirt is fun, when all is said and done, that’s why we do it. 

Bi-monthly group rides are designed to bring members together to have fun.

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